The Korean coast, ratatouille, and a family comedy. I usually try to complete the three within the same week, but this one was very spread out. I actually read the book in December, made the ratatouille in January, and watched the movie a few days ago.

Book: Winter in Sokcho by Elisa Shua Dusapin

It’s winter, I practically live in Sokcho- what better book to read? It was interesting to see somewhere I know depicted like this. The protagonist, a French-Korean woman, works in an old guesthouse in Sokcho. A French cartoonist comes to work on his book and frequently asks her to guide him around. They both see the city in very different lights, but the more time they spend together the more she starts to see the city how he does.

Food: Ratatouille

I used this recipe. I swapped the tomatoes for carrots and didn’t remotely follow the amounts listed. The eggplant to everything else ratio was pretty high, but I think it turned out okay. This recipe lets it sit on the stove for quite a while, so it’s a pretty low-effort meal. I nearly forgot to boil the pasta in time, it was so low-effort!

Movie: Spoiled Brats

Spoiled Brats (2021) - IMDb
Photo copyright IMDB

This was pretty funny. The father owns a company and his kids are all very spoiled. He decides they need to learn how to work so he pretends the company is under investigation for fraud and all their accounts have been frozen. The police show up and they all go on the run, forcing the kids into jobs and being responsible.

2 thoughts on “France

  1. Rick

    The first thing I noticed was ‘The Korean Coast…’ so I thought this one was going to be about Korea! With ratatouille! Good choice having a book so close to where you live, and the ratatouille looks delicious.


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