Tagine, a look into post-WWII history, and some attempted grave-digging. Also, happy one year anniversary to this blog! Somehow I’ve managed to complete twelve countries, although I definitely did not do one every month.

Book: In the Country of Others by Leila Slimani

I actually read one of her other books, The Perfect Nanny, a couple weeks ago, but since that one is set in Paris I chose to read this one for the blog instead. Set in post-WWII Morocco, the book follows Mathilde and her family. Mathilde is a French woman married to a Moroccan man. As you might expect, the book deals with the racism, colonialism, and sexism of the time. I didn’t know anything about this period of Moroccan history (or, well, any period) so it was interesting to read about.

Movie: The Unknown Saint

The Unknown Saint de Alaa Eddine Aljem (2019) - UniFrance
Photo copyright: UniFrance

I found a lot more Moroccan films online than I expected to, but I’m glad I chose this one as it was really funny. A thief buries his stolen money right before getting arrested and sent to prison. When he’s released, he makes his way back to the site, only to discover it’s now a mausoleum- he buried the money as if it were an unmarked grave. A town has also sprung up around the mausoleum, so he can’t exactly waltz in and dig it up. A lot of hijinks ensue, both from the thief and the local townspeople. Definitely worth a watch.

Food: Pumpkin and Eggplant Tagine

If you think that picture looks an awful lot like it’s missing the pumpkin, you’d be right. Sadly the pumpkin I bought was home to an unfortunate amount of worms, which I did not realize until I’d already started cooking. I hastily threw in a carrot to add in something else, but I think the pumpkin would have been better. I used this recipe, which I originally wasn’t going to have to make any substitutions for until the pumpkin debacle. Maybe I’ll try this again at some point with a worm-free pumpkin.

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